2009 Trip to Okinawa header

2009 Trip to Okinawa Every trip to Okinawa has been special and meaningful in its own way. This trip showed to me that Weinberg Sensei's knowledge of O'Sensei and what he teaches is second only to O'Sensei himself! It was both enlightening and productive to be standing next to him throughout the training. His way of asking questions concerning kata form and technique helps to get a more accurate and helpful answer.

This was my son Steven's second trip and, like my second trip, he was caught up in the Okinawan way. I was very happy to witness it. Learning karate became more the just blocks, punches and kicks for him. He danced to their music, he was interested in their history and he showed that he was really starting to get it! It was great to see!

Also training with us and making their first trip were 3 of my students - Lucie, Ryan & Nawal. When you make a trip as big as this one you always hope all goes well. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. This group had a couple of issues that could have ruined the trip for them but they handled these obstacles and made sure to get the most out of their time in Okinawa. Now that's applying the true "Way". Awesome job guys!

2009 Trip to Okinawa site seeing

Our site seeing began with the northern part of the island. There we saw shrines and temples, waterfalls, a live Okinawan Rail, a bed and breakfast modeled after old time Okinawa, the northern most point named Hedo (awesome view of the ocean), and a 13th century king's tomb. We ended at a pizza shop in Nago. Some of our other site seeing included Ryukyu Mura (old time Okinawa village), Manzamo, the karate museum, Peace Park, various karate monuments, Blue Beach for some traditional Eisa Dancing, and the 58 Restaurant to see O'Sensei's daughter's band Yugafu Eating with O'Sensei(always a good time). We also saw the Okinawa Budokan where the world tournament was held. Although we aren't competitors we went on the clinic day and watched legendary masters teaching their students from around the world. It was incredible to see.

My favorite part of the trip was watching my son's Okinawan maturation! I also really enjoyed my time with O'Sensei. Talking to, eating with, being trained by and living with him is special and I treasure every minute I have with him!