2006 Trip to Okinawa
Eating Our travels to Okinawa to study with Grand Master Eizo Shimabukuro went smooth and the weather was good, hot but good. Our first meal was at Kin Restaurant on Rte 329. Penna Sensei cooked most of our meals at O'Sensei house using and excellent combination of Okinawan and Italian food.

Our training went extremely well. Training with me was Penna Sensei, Weinberg Sensei and Betsy Barton. We started each class singing the song training_01 (9K)O'Sensei wrote. O'Sensei helped us improve the 7 aspects of kata for each kata, and his jujitsu, kumite and kobudo sets. We had 1 typhoon during our trip, which made kata practice a challenge but fun on top of O'Sensei's house.

kyan_monument (12K) Our site seeing brought us to Kyan Sensei's monument, the bridge he use to train on by jumping down onto a boat below and the spot where his house once stood. We also saw Myagi Sensei and Mastumora monuments, the Chinese Garden, Nomoni Way, Seifa Utaki, Katsuren Castle Ruins and the Karate Museum. I really enjoyed taking a look at karate's past stories (12K)at the museum thanks to Hokama Sensei's dedication and hospitality.

My favorite part of the trip was listening to O'Sensei. He has a special way of teaching, telling stories and making you feel at home. It is a trip all serious Shorin Ryu karate-ka must experience!

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