The History Of Karate

Eizo Shimabukuro
1925 - Present

Grand Master Eizo Shimabukuro

Our Grandmaster and current chairman of OSKIA (Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate International Association), Shimabukuro Eizo, was born on April 19, 1925. He lived at 720 Aja Village, Town of Gushikawa. He was the youngest of six boys out of ten children. His classmates always teased him so he began his karate training under Chotoku Kyan at age 12. (You can read his own account of this on page 24 of his book.) He studied with Kyan for 3 years. He furthered his training by studying with his brother Tatsuo (founder of Isshin Ryu), Masters Choki Motobu, Chojun Miyagi, Chosin Chibana and noted weapons expert Shinken Taira.

In 1948 he opened his first dojo in Kin. In 1960 Master Kanken Toyama promoted him to 10th dan (Degree). He was the youngest person to receive such an honor. Now, at age 85, he has been teaching for 60 years and has instructed over 35,000 students worldwide. He works to help us "never break kata" or over train, and to be humble, nice and respectful people.

Being a student of O'Sensei's has been an incredible, pleasing and life changing experience for me. He has improved my training, my health and my teaching. His stories and philosophies have been invaluable to me. I truly appreciate all he has done for my family, my students and me.