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 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

This place changed my life, this dojo gave me the strength to stand up for my self and my kids.I love this karate school I love the dojo.We are a big karate family.

Nawal C.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

Highly recommended! Family friendly and passionate teacher! It's a practice we can all do together as a family. My kids and I have grown stronger inside and out, and more confident with self-defense practices.

Dori S.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

one word: INVALUABLE !! Sensei Darryl has been training my son for nearly 8 years... He has been an amazing role model, teacher, and mentor to Cole. He not only teaches karate but ties it in with life lessons and self-respect. A wonderful place:).

Tina F.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

My boys have been attending for 3 years and we love it. Gives them confidence, discipline and self control. Not to mention helps keep them physically fit. Darryl is a great instructor and is awesome with the kids. Makes learning Karate fun, but keeps them in line when needed.

Michele J.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

The instruction gives kids confidence, self-discipline, and strength. I loved what it did for my daughter!

Matthew S.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

Sensei Daryl runs a top-notch dojo with the right balance of training the body and strengthening the spirit. His teaching style was flexible enough to accommodate the different ways the kids learned and disciplined enough to keep them in line. Then he'd switch it up several gears for our adult classes, which I started taking after seeing how much fun the kids were having. I highly recommend this dojo to anyone, whether they are looking to learn martial arts, improve exercise, give their child a positive physical activity, or even just have an excellent and interesting parent-child activity.

Hannah B.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

This is in an excellent school with an outstanding instructor. Sensei Darryl works well with both child and adult students, adjusting the training to each student's ability. His teaching style is firm but encouraging. He strongly encourages and promotes physical fitness, teaches about a respectful attitude, self-reliance and fosters confidence in his students. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Andy G.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

Sensei Darryl's teaching has had a significant impact on our family and certainly is helping our son prepare to become a grounded, strong, confident young man.

Michael Y.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

This DOJO is very simply the best!. Sansei (Darryl Baleshiski) works with each student individually not just as a class. He helps them to learn how to overcome their weaknesses and continue to develop their strengths He has students of all ages and he will work with anyone (unless he doubts their moral character) even if they have a physical disability (Me with my MS) or a developmental disability (My severely autistic 13 yo Son. Our entire family takes his classes and he treats and teaches us all differently because everyone's personality is different. Stop by and watch a class and talk to Darryl.

Jennie G.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

I originally tried out this dojo on a 2 month Groupon, now I’m hooked! This Dojo is perfect for beginners of any age (and I imagine for experienced people as well, but I’m not there yet).  The Sensai is very knowledgeable and is a nice balance of kind and stern, and the classmates are helpful and patient to ‘newbies’ such as myself.  So far, I feel I’ve really gained a lot from the classes.  Not only is it exercise of the body, but of the mind as well.  Not only do I learn self-defense, but I learn life lessons and insight, all things I can apply to my everyday life from here on out.  The environment is modest yet inspirational, and the sense of community within the Dojo is so strong and welcoming, this was a perfect place to give karate a go.

Nicole W.

 Kids Martial Arts Old Saybrook

My kids love this karate school!!! kids are getting good training from well-trained karate Master in a fun-filled environment. Highly Recommended!

Sharmila C.

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